Brent & Rachel

Corbin Fisher American College Sex

The ever studly, passionate Brent makes a long-awaited return to Amateur College Sex with this video, showing off his skills and ability to perform incredibly just as he’s often done over on Amateur College Men and as he did in his very first scorching hot video here at Amateur College Sex!

As always, Brent doesn’t hold anything back as he goes at it and lucky Rachel is finds out what many a Corbin Fisher stud has found out before – when Brent fucks, he fucks with intensity, enthusiasm, and passion. Not only does he perform in a fashion that really maxes out the hotness factor of his videos, but Brent is also armed with a flawlessly ripped physique, a hot tan, a great face and eyes, and a nice, curved, long cock that are always a great pleasure to watch in action.


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