Ryan And Graden

Corbin Fisher American College Men

Graden is a genuine varsity wrestler (3 years!) and one of my youngest guys. This young 6-pack endowed muscle stud expressed an interest in doing a fuck vid – he originally wanted to do it with a girl, but after some sweet talking, he agreed to continue his experimentation and try it with a guy. I have been looking for an excuse to ask Ryan back – you may recall he is a VERY WELL ENDOWED ex-Army boy and ex-pussy lover who did a couple of solo videos for me awhile back. I got the guys together and they broke the ice throwing a football back and forth in a nearby park.When they got back to the room, they wasted no time starting a sizzling cock worship session…Graden has a typical wrestler’s build and it took every bit of him to hang on as Ryan plowed his muscled ass every which way with his monster tool. This vid is RED HOT!!!


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