Tj Fucks Jared

Corbin Fisher American College Men

Damn, do I love having TJ around. Every time I film him in a new video, I find myself standing there with the camera fully amazed at what a total stud he is – as great as his face and body were when he first came to work with us, it’s like both keep getting hotter and hotter every day. Even though I filmed the action, I find myself yet again blown away by what a stud he is when I check out the finished product before the video goes online. He’s stunning, and not only has he built up a reputation of being one of the absolute hottest bottoms on the site, but this video is a reminder of just what a great top he is and just what a hot cock he has!

After all, you can sometimes forget what a big, thick dick TJ has when you’re so consumed with staring at the rest of him. But in this video, as he’s plunging that dick in and out of Jared’s tight ass, you really get to appreciate what a hot cock he’s packing!

Hell, Jared really gets to appreciate it here most of all :) It wasn’t too long ago that Jared lost his virginity here at CF, and now he’s getting treated to that next step of really being worked over by one of CF’s studliest guys. You can tell it took Jared a little time to get used to having that big dick in him, but by the end of this video, as Jared is bent over the edge of this bed, I could swear he looked like he was pushing his ass back to meet each of TJ’s thrusts and get his cock in him deeper! I’ll let you be the judge of that. :)


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