Trent & Matts Massage

Corbin Fisher American College Men

With both Trent and Matt out doing some work with us and that massage table just begging for some more use, I figured things were in place for the perfect opportunity to get two guys into a passionate, sensual session truly enjoying both one another and themselves.

Both Matt and Trent eagerly and openly enjoy getting off with other guys and really do appreciate everything about sharing a hot session with a fellow young stud. Things were mainly intended to involve one guy mostly on the receiving end of the massage with the other primarily giving, but that didn’t last long as each got so caught up in what was going on! Soon enough they were taking turns feeling up every bit of one another’s bodies, rubbing and massaging each other, and having free reign to touch, feel, stroke, lick, suck and taste every bit of each other that they wanted.

These are my favorite kinds of videos to film – ones where I get to just stand back and keep the camera on the action as the guys take charge and do what they want to do to get themselves and their partner off!


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