Sean Cody

Supposedly, Austin St. John, known for his role in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Power Ranger and Gold Zeo Ranger in early 90’s Hit TV show, is continuing his show business career at Sean Cody under the suspiciously pornlike name “Brock”.

Maybe it’s true, or maybe it’s yet another example of Sean Cody’s ability to drive traffic by creating buzz about an allegedly “straight” model. We’re told the erstwhile heterosexual Brock “absolutely loved spreading his cheeks for the camera to show off his lightly hairy hole. He definitely loved showing it all off!” Trent at Pink is the New Blog is convinced because he grew up adoring the Red Power Ranger; he compared those memories to Brock’s spirited performance and enthuses “I’ve seen the video and I have to admit … watching the Red Power Ranger in action was kinda disturbing … but I quickly got over it.” Compare the photos of young Austin in his heydey with his Sean Cody preview shots and judge for yourself.


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