Brock Masters

Centaur Films

Born April 22, 1973, Brock Masters is 5’10" tall, 174 lbs with brown hair and green eyes. He has a 29" waist, and a 42" and growing chest. When you first notice Brock, you see his gorgeous smile or also his beautiful green eyes. Of course, if you happen to be watching one of Brock’s films, or catch him dancing, you most certainly can view his huge 10.5 × 9 inch cock or his great tattoo on his left pec. Brock also has a great nice ass to boot, but it is his huge member that has made him a film star today making any bottom wanna scream with delight.

Growing up in Sarasota, Florida and now living in New Orleans, Louisiana and attending school at Tulane University, Brock keeps active in his career goals. Brock has a goal to become one day, a sex therapist. He already has a degree in Radio / TV – Media Arts with a minor in Philosophy and an AA in Psychology / CS Science at Tulane. His goal of becoming a sex therapist like Dr. Ruth stems from his ambitions and experience, his sexual exposure, dancing, his adult films and yes, dating. Brock prefers no label on his personality or if he is even Gay, Straight or Gay for pay. He claims himself as a free spirit.

He had been married 6 years from when he was 21 until he turned 27 with two children, a son and daughter. Brock also started his life, not as a film star, but serving in the Armed Services where he was Pvt. 1st Class in the Army from 1992-1994. Then he enlisted in the US Marines as a Corp MCRD – US Marine Corps from 1994-1999 stationed at the Pentagon, Okinawa and San Diego, California.

His hobbies are working out but doesn’t like to get too big, as he maintains an equal metabolism. He also enjoys laughing and good friends.

Ironically, although Brock considers himself an actor and film star, he is an independent dancer where he likes and does not like certain aspects of male dancing across the US. Brock has worked for Manwatch Men and Momma’s Boyz as well as other divas for male dancers in and around Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia and in Florida state as well.

He’s even been featured dancing and strutting his stuff during Southern Decadence at Oz Nightclub Labor Day Weekend 2002.

How was Brock discovered? His friend Barry took him to meet adult film producer Chip Daniels in San Diego back in 1998. Brock then started his adult film career with Centaur Films as Daniels helped him make up his name. His first film entitled “Off Limits” was made in Hollywood in 1998. Then in 1999, Brock’s second film, which was nominated for Best Video of the Year, was “Time Cops.” His most recent film (April 2002) made in Sawmill, Florida is out now entitled: “Wild Rangers.” When asked if he has ever seen any of his films, Brock stated that he has only seen “Time Cops” and “Wild Rangers,” but has yet to view “Off-Limits” because he has not found anyone to watch it with him as of yet. Any volunteers?

Brock has never bottomed in his films, but the opportunity is open for discussion in future films. His favorite sexual position in his last films is to get the guy doggie style. Brock and Centaur Films has plans for release of his films in Europe and Australia.

“I never thought I would be famous for this – like sex, having sex,” Brock stated. He considers himself an actor and is quite an exhibitionist. “Someone has to give the public what they want – I provide a service,” he added. For more info: visit

Brock has a great personality and not the type who is uptight or standoffish like many others in the adult porn industry.

I asked Brock when I last saw him about his tattoo that inks his body. Brock stated he proudly wears his tattoo. The design is an original of Atlas holding up a peace sign made of rock as opposed to the World. Brock doesn’t believe in violence and that is his philosophy. Since the 9/11 events, many have noticed that Brock colored his tattoo with red, white & blue on 9/12/01 to show support.

Brock Masters, a father, a dancer, an adult film star, a goal-oriented man, a friend. Look for Brock performing in clubs and on films near you. In the future, you may talk to Brock yourself about your sexual issues when he becomes a licensed sex therapist. Until then, Brock continues to make the scene. Look for his upcoming website at

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