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About Evan Stone

Evan Stone (born July 18, 1969 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.) is a pornographic actor. In 2002 he married Jessica Drake whom he has since divorced. He’s currently dating fellow porn star Syren whom he thanked at the 2008 AVN awards. He has performed in over 583 movies since 1998. Stone is also notable for having a sizable penis and huge testes. Stone has said in interviews that he had a difficult childhood, being ridiculed for his appearance (being called “butt chin,” for instance), and having a gap in his teeth, but has gotten over most of that, although it has also kept him “real” throughout his rise to notoriety.

Stone was briefly shown on a television screen in the South Park episode, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.

Stone’s occasional work outside the pornography industry includes his role as “Jimmy” in the 2007 here! original series The Lair.

In February 2005, Stone hosted cable television program Spice Hotel, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings on Spice Live, which focused on porn star couples. He replaced founding host Julian.

During Super Bowl XLIII a 30 second clip Evan Stone’s genitalia interrupted some homes in Tuscon, AZ.

Evan Stone Self-Bio

Hello. My name is Evan Stone. I have been in the adult entertainment industry for 7 years now… Both my work and my social life are synonymous with fun… my good spirits and positive karma have guided me to a path of happiness and good standing with my friends and work associates. I hope one day to be accepted by the Moslem world or the Catholic, or whatever is in the forefront of the anti-pornography campaign. I like kind people… and honest work, good food, rock ’n roll music…and I like to listen— to people, to nature… and the beating heart of this planet. I play music (guitar, piano, drums, cornet) and love to play most all sports. I do not enjoy watching sports. It seems a waste of time. I would rather be playing than watching. My dogs and I run every morning and evening. And when not working for the industry, I spend my spare time with my girlfriend or in my studio in Burbank.

I have done almost every job that you could imagine before starting my career in pornography. I worked on our horse ranch growing up. I ride and can fence, build stalls, bail and stack hay. I have worked in a slaughter house, driven a forklift, worked in a gas station, a convenience store, and as a groundskeeper for a golf course— all before my three years of college…

I got my first acting job while still in high school. One day, we had a student teacher from the local university teach our creative writing “One-Act Plays” class. We were working on “The Diary of Anne Frank”. No one wanted to read for Anne Frank, so I did, and with a voice that was beaten down by oppression but had not quite given up hope. The student teacher was so impressed that she asked if I will be interested in reading for the college presentation of “Man of La Mancha.” I was only 16 years old, and at the time, needed permission from my mom. I attended the reading, and discovered that: one, I could act. And two, that I could sing. I was cast as Sancho, the right hand man of Don Quijote in “Man of La Mancha”. These people I met in theater were the most fun and kind people I had ever met in my life and I swore if I ever meet the same kind of people again, I would never leave them (Later on, I would find them in adult entertainment industry). I completed “Man of La Mancha”, and soon after that, was cast as Pontius Pilate in “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

After high school, I went to college for one year at a local college. I wanted to be a soldier so I went into two years of ROTC at the university while studying pre-med. At the time, I was working as an EMT for the local ambulance service. This all ended with a knee injury from playing football. The army wanted only healthy and undamaged officers. Very depressed, I visited my sister in Houston, Texas, while still in my cast. I was lounging around her apartment pool when I met the manager of a phone collection agency who was impressed by my “command” voice (from my ROTC officer training). He gave me a job as a phone collector, with a great salary. I left school for two reasons: One, I wanted to be an officer (and that was now over). Two, I wanted to be a doctor. I decided to make some money and later, return to school. I made incredible amounts of money, I was very good at this job. I got everyone to pay and my commission checks were huge. My leg healed, and on a dare, I went into a local club that featured male dancers and won the amateur contest. So, during the day, I worked phone collections, and at night, I stripped at this club. One day, I decided I had enough money to open my own club, so I built one. Two weeks before the grand opening, the city changed its zoning laws, and before I even opened, I was closed. No club, no money, and the club I used to dance for was now my competition so I could not go back. The phone collection job was great money but hard on the soul.

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