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There was no doubt in my mind that when Gabe first walked through the doors at CF to film his solo video, I wanted to film him in an action video. The opportunity to see this stud in action, getting sucked off and fucking and working up a sweat with a partner, was something I simply could not pass up!

Thankfully, he was more than happy to go beyond just a solo video and show off not just his goods, but his skills on camera! Thankfully as well, his girlfriend was willing to help out!

This vid’s hot in so many ways. Not only do we get to see Gabe’s ripped muscles and huge cock in action, but we also get to see into something that had previously been reserved for Gabe and his girlfriend alone – the hot sex these two have and just how sexy Gabe looks while getting off and pleasuring a partner. It’s as if we were allowed to put cameras up in their bedroom at home and be a part of their hot fun!

If you thought Gabe was a total stud before, wait until you see him pounding away, drilling a hot hole, and thrusting that big dick back and forth to climax!

About Gabe (a.k.a. Breck Orshal)

I met Gabe while he was working as a waiter in a crowded hangout near his school. I was struck by his insanely hot looks and his ripped physique showing through his tight black t-shirt. At a nearby table, several cute coeds were eyeing him pretty closely too — which did not escape his notice. After taking my order, he made his way over to their table and began flirting pretty heavily with them – paying particular attention to a pretty brunette.

As the evening wore on, Gabe made his way back over to my table and I asked him if he had ever done any modeling before. He said he was paying his way through school and had modeled for a couple of local fashion shows and had done a fitness layout for an excercise magazine to make some extra money. He had never modeled nude, but wasn’t opposed to it if the pay was right. So I gave him my card so we could talk in more detail.

Gabe called me up the next day and I explained what would be required of him. He gave me the distinct impression that the thought of doing adult video work was arousing to him — and the money would definitely make paying for next semester easier. When he walked into the studio two weeks later, I was again struck by his head to toe good looks! I was anxious to see what he had in store for me “downstairs”….and lets just say this guy is blessed EVERYWHERE on his beautiful physique! I had a tough time restraining myself on this one!

Other Information

  • Real name is Breck Orshal
  • Is an architect
  • Enjoys mountain biking, jogs and hiking
  • Has appeared in Playgirl magazine

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